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Sundar Pichai, who lived in a small house of rooms, had very big dreams since childhood and I also had the power to fulfill those dreams, from a simple man to the CEO of Google.

What can be more proud of India than this that today the world’s most Google CEO is Indian Sundar Pichai’s full name is Sundararajan Pichai and he was born on 10th June 1972 in Madurai India and with the age of 2020 footwear he has studied till his 10th class from Jawahar Vidyalaya School and after that he till his 12th class Sundar used to have a lot of interest in technology since childhood and the reason for this was that his father was an electrical engineer and seeing him, Sundar’s interest in technology also started growing with time. Looking at his dress, he joined the Metallurgical Engine from IT Kharagpur. He did B.Tech in Earing and with his hard work and dedication, he always topped his field,

After that he went to the USA where he had a lot of interest in his master’s business, that’s why he later Vote School Junior Sundar Pichai here Soil Real Engineer Used to work, Picture was associated with Google in 2004, in this time he worked with a small team in Google on the search toolbar After some discussion, Pichai thought of making his own internet browser. And he discussed this with the CEO of Google at that time, but he denied Sundar Pichai said that the project would take a lot of time to make, even after hearing the refusal from Picture NACU, he did not give up and asked his other team members. Discussed his idea with him and supported him and somehow convinced the CEO and with the help of Sundar Pichai in 2008, Google launched its own browser, which you know as Google Chrome, and today Google Chrome is the most popular browser in the world. The browser used is Google’s After slept and joined the race on seeing it, let us tell you one thing here that by offering a lot of income to take Google Chrome, Sundar Pichai stopped it after launching Chrome, in many other ways like Gmail and Google Seeing their hard work and dedication, Sundar Pichai was finally made the CEO of Google on August 10, 2015, and just from here Sundar Pichai never looked back,

Now let’s get to you his family, his father’s name is Regunata Pichai from Sundar Pichai’s family. His mother’s name is Laxmi Pichai inter, there is also a brother, whose name is Srinivasan Pichai, his wife’s name is Anjali Pichai Sundar Pichai has a son and a daughter too, in whose name a poetic pic is needed and Kiran Pichai now let’s talk about Sundar Pichai. Talk about income, if he earns 1 day, then he earns ₹ 5000000 in 1 day, but at the same time let us also tell you that every year Sundar Pichai’s salary keeps increasing if we talk about 2018 then two thousand. In the eighteenth year, Sundar Pichai had earned 150 crores from Google, after that in 2019 his salary was increased and in this way, his salary was increased. Apart from this, Sundar Pichai would have been surprised to know his network of Sundar Pichai’s network, besides this, Sundar Pichai’s network would have earned Rs. 4320 crores from the network of the good heroine, Sundar Pichai shows his family lives in Los Angeles California with and they bought and at that time the price of this house is million dollars and house price with Indian rupees and 16 bathrooms scale house has swimming pool gym kitchen garden and an entertainment area in this house world The most advanced security features of the company have been used and in the photos and videos you can see some glimpse of Sundar Pichai’s house, now let’s talk about Sundar Pichai’s car collection. According to the need, only one car has been bought, they have a Mercedes, whose price will go to ₹ 2 Crore.

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