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Some years ago, the government of Argentina had to make a special route, due to which no parents could name their children Messi and the region behind it was Lionel Messi because there were so many people named Messi in Argentina that later everyone It becomes difficult to identify friends, although everyone knows the success of the message of football, after the struggles, they have achieved this position, probably very few people will know 208 In what life will we talk about Lionel Messi? Madonna in Delhi and Atomic Asli and she was born on June 24, 1987, in Rosario, Argentina and has become the age of the day with 2020 Loved football very much at the age of 33, studied till the fifth grade Messi studied at the age of 4 Started playing football and he used to play very well since childhood and his talent was first seen by his maternal grandmother and his maternal grandmother wanted Mess to grow up to be a footballer and as his grandmother wanted it to happen just as he grew up Not a common footballer but became the world’s greatest footballer but maternal grandmother was not alive to see me, he died when the messages were short, let’s talk about everything, saying that I used to give coaching in a football club named Siddhagiri and Messi also played football in this club. Started only at the age of 5, then started playing for the new team in 1995, had started playing football that if Agarwal had come to him, no one could snatch away the happiness football for 15:15 minutes and from me Seeing such a good game, people used to toss coins with joy, everything was going well in their life, they were seen becoming a good player on the basis of their hard work and their family members also saw the career of football match clearly. But suddenly at the age of 11, there was a terrible disease named Hormone Deficiency. Let’s say that the treatment of this disease was very expensive and every week $ 1000 would have been spent by Fenugreek’s father, which I could hardly afford. Sometimes by borrowing, you used to change some household items and at the same time, for the treatment of this disease, Messi had to give injections on his thighs every night, which would have been very painful. So Akhilesh had to put the wire in the other leg, which was very difficult for the 11-year-old girl, after taking a loan for a few years and sending everything, the father of the money got her treated, but due to which of the following diseases, such a house The situation had worsened, their family had become poor, they are getting Messi treated and friends say that if you want something with a sincere heart, then the whole universe gets involved in bringing it to you and something like that with Messi. Impressed by Messi’s game, one of his fans told the Barcelona War Academy director Kalspect about Messi’s wonderful game, after which affection saw Messi’s match and became crazy about the small child’s game, due to which his home I had an agreement with the people that I would bear the entire cost of this disease, but for this, I would play for the army. I Will agree and then at the age of 14, Messi moved to Spain with his family, and in Spain Messi started playing at Barcelona Youth Academy, and here Messi impressed everyone with his brilliant game. Messi started his football career on November 16, 2003, Against the team votes and his age is 16 years, after this Messi played his debut international match against Hungary on 17 August 2005 at the age of 18 and always kept moving forward in 2012 due to the highest number of goals scored in just 1 year. Sikar’s name was included in the Guinness Book of World Records and scored goals, played 347 matches for Barcelona, and scored a total of 312 goals in all messages, besides being the fourth player in the world to score 342 in Spanish La Liga and Messi in the 2014 World Cup. As soon as the Argentine team had traveled to the final, due to which Messi was awarded the Golden Ball award, let us tell you that the Golden Ball is given to the most powerful and most goalscorer players of world football, after that in 2016. America’s team lost the match in the final, which is sad This happened and took retirement for this reason many people believe that I tell by commenting below, now I have such records in career till date no footballer and even record number one, winning 3 bus depot awards at a young age and this is a football world I have a world record Messi won three banner d4 awards in almost 24 years and 6 months and it is impossible to break Messi’s record and so far have won the message 5 times Have scored more than twice in two consecutive things in the record And this feat was accomplished from 2011 to 2013 and that was when only one name dominated the world of football, setting a record goal in this match, this is the third record Lionel Messi has scored 33 goals in 21 consecutive matches and this feat The season of 2012-13 did and we don’t think that anyone will be able to break this record, scoring a goal in every football match is not an easy task,

Now to introduce you to the family of Messi is the name of Messi’s father, which matches Messi’s father. Mother’s name Liya Maria I have two brothers in whose name is Media Messi and Rodrigo Messi Messi’s sister’s name is MariaSchool Mirchi’s wife’s name is Antonella Matric, three sons in whose name Mateo Messi on Thiago Zero, now let’s talk about Messi’s income list of 2019, the list of highest-paid athletes in the whole world In the same, if we talk about the earnings of Messi for 1 year, then he earns about 13 million dollars in 1 year, ₹ 20 is some ₹ 9900000 and if we talk about the market value of Messi, then 180 is the most followed on such Instagram. He is a footballer and is the only one and only 300 crore rupees and at the same time let me tell you that I charge one million dollars for posting Instagram which is some 8 crore rupees in rupees, apart from this there is also a message Whose t-shirts and other products and messages only and only earn only fifteen hundred to 2000 crores of their properties, these such properties earn billions of rupees every year, friends if you want us to make videos on the most expensive things bought by Lionel Messi So by liking this video, the topic of X video will be most X Passive things Lionel Messi network is $400 million in ₹20 some 3000 700 crores

Now let’s talk about Messi’s house, Messi has a football-like house in Barcelona Spain who lives with his family and house prices 12 Million Dollars in Rupees is some ₹ 900000000 and when I have got my house built outside and I have also designed the interior of the house myself, let’s talk about Mirchi’s private jet and cars collection, Macy’s small and luxury Including the car, the price list of their cars collection is more than crores, after i si an audi rs6 whose price is $ 250000 and its price in India is ₹ 100000 also 1957 Ferrari 335 Spyder whose browser is 35 billion dollars in India its price is 260 crores. Rupee Messi also has a Range Rover that costs $ 100000 and its price in India is ₹ 300000 Price in India is ₹ 500000 Apart from this, Messi also has his own private jet which is like a moving luxurious house Fenugreek’s private jet has one kitchen, one bedroom, and one volume and private jet On the details of the message, he has also written his jersey number which is 10, as well as the name of his entire family has been written on the steps of the jet, the sponsor of his private jet was 15 million US dollars in India, it was worth ₹ 1000000000.

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