How to Enable, WhatsApp will be locked with your fingerprint, how to activate

Facebook’s instant messaging app WhatsApp is now preparing to provide a new and useful feature for the users. WhatsApp recently made the fingerprint lock feature available for Android beta users. This feature has been available for iOS users for a long time. This feature will be disabled by default in Android beta version 2.19.221 but today in this article we will provide you information about how to activate fingerprint lock feature in WhatsApp? Let’s know about this new feature of WhatsApp…

How to use WhatsApp Fingerprint Lock feature

The fingerprint lock feature that came in the beta version of WhatsApp can be enabled by going to the settings. It is worth noting that to use this feature, the phone must be at least Android Marshmallow, as well as a fingerprint scanner is also required. As we told you that even in the beta version, you will get this feature disabled by default, so let us know what is the way to enable it …

How to enable fingerprint lock feature in WhatsApp

1) First of all open WhatsApp app.
2) After this, go to Settings by clicking on the three dot menu.


WhatsApp Fingerprint Lock Update: Fingerprint lock feature in WhatsApp

3) After going to the settings, you will get the option of Account here.

4) After clicking on Account, select the Privacy option.


WhatsApp Fingerprint Lock Update: You can enable the feature by going to Settings

5) After clicking on Privacy, you will see the option of Fingerprint Lock at the bottom. It can be enabled by clicking on this option.

As soon as you enable this feature in WhatsApp, you will get three options to automatically lock – immediately, after 1 minute and after 20 minutes. At present, information has not been received about when the stable update of this feature will be released.


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