How to Free Up Storage Used by WhatsApp Messenger

Facebook’s instant messaging app WhatsApp is a very popular smartphone app. Most of all of us must be using WhatsApp every day in our Android and iPhone. WhatsApp has evolved a lot in the last few years, now not only messages but also contacts, location, documents, photos and videos etc. can be shared on this messaging platform. Do you know that by default the photos and videos you get on WhatsApp are automatically downloaded, due to which the storage of your phone starts filling up quickly.

If you want to avoid this problem, then for this you have to make some changes in the setting. Let us now tell you how you can save WhatsApp media files in your Android and iPhone from being saved in the phone’s gallery or say from reducing the phone’s storage.

for android users

1) First of all open WhatsApp app.
2) After this click on the three dots appearing on the right.
3) Here you will get the option of Settings.
4) After clicking on Settings, click on Chats.
5) Turn off Media Visibility.


If you want to set settings for selected chats then follow these steps

1) First of all open WhatsApp.
2) After this, for whichever chat you want to do this setting, then click on it.
3) Now go to the three dot menu appearing on the right.
4) Here you will get the option of View Contact, click on it.
5) After this you will see the option of Media Visibility, click on it.
6) After clicking, three options will appear in front of you – Default (Yes), Yes and No.

After changing the above mentioned settings, WhatsApp will not download media files automatically.


For iPhone users

1) First of all open WhatsApp.
2) Click on the Settings option appearing on the bottom right hand side.
3) Then go to Chats.
4) After clicking on Chats, you will get the option of Save to camera roll, turn it off.


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