How to Use Newly Added ‘Stay Safer’ Feature, Google Maps’ Stay Safer feature will come in handy for you

Google Maps Stay Safer: Google keeps working on providing new features for its users in the navigation service Google Maps. Recently, keeping in mind the convenience of the user, a new Stay Safer feature has been added to the Android app of Google Maps. This new feature added to Google Maps will make people’s travelers more secure. Today, through our article, we will provide you with detailed information about this new Stay Safer feature added to Google Maps.

This feature added in Google Maps is going to be very useful for passengers traveling in public transport such as taxi and auto etc. The Stay Safer feature in Google Maps will send you an alert when taxis or autos go off route. Along with this, you will also see the Live Trip Sharing feature in Google Maps.

Google Maps Stay Safer: Keep These Things In Mind

To use the Stay Safer feature in Google Maps, you must have the latest version of Google Maps on your smartphone. Apart from this, internet connectivity in the phone, apart from this your smartphone should be Android because this feature has been added to the Android app of Google Maps.


Google Maps Stay Safer: How To Use This Feature

1) First of all open the Google Maps app on your smartphone.
2) After this enter the destination place in the search bar above.
3) After entering the destination you will see some options at the bottom, here you will get the stay safe feature.
4) As soon as you select the Stay Safer feature option, two options will appear in front of you.


5) The first option is Share Live Trip and the second is Get Off Route Alerts.
6) You can choose any option as per your convenience.

First of all let’s talk about Share Live Trip feature. If you select this feature, you will also get sharing options with the contact list so that you can easily share your trip with your contacts. Now let’s talk about the second option. If you select Get Off Route Alert, you will see on the screen that Google Maps will send you an alert if your taxi or ride turns 500 meters away from the route.


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