Is JioPhone Next Worth The Hype?

JioPhone Next, the device made possible by the collaboration of two giants google and Jio, is finally here. It is claimed to be the world’s most affordable 4G smartphone yet but is it worth the hype? Let’s find out.
First let’s take a look at its price in India. The JioPhone Next is actually priced at Rs. 6,499 in India.

But, if you want to buy it on installments you can take advantage of jio’s combined EMI tariff plans. You can get the Jio phone by paying a down payment of Rs. 1,999 and a processing fee of Rs. 501. After that you can choose any plan that works for you and pay the amount in monthly installments. There’s an always on plan, large plan, XL plan and XXL plan. All of them have 24 and 18 month installment options you will also get data and call-in benefits each month as per the chosen plan now out of these four the most affordable overall plan will cost 350 per month for 18 months so eventually the phone will cost you 8800 in total including the down payment and processing fee the next best plan will cost 300 for 24 months which is a lower monthly payment but will work out to 9700 rupees over a period of two years now the target audience for the jio phone next is feature phone users who are yet to come online so considering these emi plans the jio phone next could be a great deal for first time smartphone users but overall if you compare the jio phone next in terms of specs with competition such as real me c11 and redmi 9a you can get much better features at this price point the jio phone next also has a few big drawbacks that can’t be ignored first you can only use a 4g jio sim and sims from other networks will only work with 2g networks second it has a dated design with a small 5.45 inch hd plus display third many of its features are very basic the jio4nx does have some standout specs it runs on pragati os which is a tweaked version of android 11 go edition you get google assistant and support for 10 languages including hindi now jio promises on-screen and voice translation features plus text to speech for anything on screen and these could be really useful for many first-time smartphone users further you can remove the back panel to replace the battery and insert two sims and microsd card for cameras you get a 13 megapixel single back camera and an 8 megapixel front camera and jio says there is a portrait mode and even in night mode there are also snapchat filters right inside the camera app some with indian festival themes so overall the jio phone next would be great for those who are still using a 2g feature phone it can connect indian users with the internet with easy emi plus tariff plans however people who are looking to buy the best value for money smartphone under 7000 rupees or even under 10 000 rupees might be disappointed with the jio phone next but the appeal lies in the low entry cost, local language, integration and the reach for the jio network let us know in the comment section below what you think about it and i’ll catch up with you in the next video.

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