Moto E40 Review: Only for Android Purists on a Budget?

The motorola e series have been loyal to the sub 10 000 rupee categories so far and the latest smartphone to join this series is the moto e40 sporting hardware and features that are uncommon in this price segment will this become your de facto choice or should you look elsewhere well that’s what we are here to find out hello everyone i’m aditya you’re watching gadgets360 and this is the full review of the moto e40 let’s begin let’s kick things off with the pricing the e40 comes in only one variant which is the 4gb ram 64gb storage one priced at 9499 rupees you get two color choices carbon gray and pink clay for a budget phone it is well designed the bezels are thick but it’s not a deal breaker it has a plastic body but it did not feel flimsy the curved sides make it easy to grip however positioning all the buttons on the right side makes it look cluttered while the power button is in the middle and it’s easy to reach the volume buttons and the dedicated google assistant button are just above it with so many buttons finding the right one can become a guessing game the top houses a 3.5 mm headphone jack while the bottom has a primary microphone loudspeaker and the usb type c port the phone has a triple camera setup in the top left corner and it doesn’t protrude too much there’s also a fingerprint scanner with motorola’s batwing logo on it the phone weighs 198 grams which is noticeable when using it for longer durations the big 6.5 inch lcd panel has an hd plus resolution and a 90 hertz refresh rate motorola has set this to auto by default but you can manually choose between 60hz and 90hz as well the display has decent viewing angles and the brightness was adequate indoors the moto e40 only has a single bottom firing speaker that sounds shrill at higher volumes watching videos for a while did make the lower half of the body slightly warm to the touch powering the moto e40 is the unisoc t700 octa-core soc this processor is paired with 4gb of ram and you also get 64gb of storage which is expandable up to 1tb using a microsd card the moto e40 has an ip52 certification so it is flash resistant to some extent the moto e40 runs android 11 with motorola’s my ux customizations on top so you get a near stock android like experience moto shortcuts are also available on this smartphone and it is available in the gestures tab in the settings app so you can turn on the torch just by using a gesture like this motorola uses the three button navigation layout by default but you can switch to gesture navigation overall I quite like the near stock android experience and the fact that there are no spammy notifications on the moto e40 the phone can handle regular usage easily so if you use your phone mostly for whatsapp phone calls and a few casual game the moto e40 can handle all of it without breaking a sweat multitasking between a few apps was easy as well I played battlegrounds mobile india on the moto e40 and it took longer than usual to load once running it defaulted to hd graphics and high frame rate the game was playable at these settings without any noticeable stutter I played for 26 minutes and noticed a 7 battery level drop you get a triple camera setup on the moto e40 a 48 megapixel primary camera a 2 megapixel depth sensor and a 2 megapixel macro camera for selfies it has an 8 megapixel shooter on the front motorola’s camera app is very similar to what we’ve seen on previous models but features here are limited the moto e40 was fairly quick to focus but there were instances when it needed a second daily photos were average and I had to set hdr to auto since it was turned off by default objects at a distance did not have good detail and slight grain was visible in darker areas of scenes close up shots had good detail and the phone managed good separation between the subject and the background however the moto e40 isn’t the fastest to focus and I occasionally needed to tap the screen to get it to focus portrait shots took longer to process but the phone could detect faces easily I could set background blur but found it to be too aggressive macro shots were ok but not very sharp I would have liked an ultra wide angle camera over a macro camera but that wasn’t possible at this budget I guess low light photos were below average the phone managed to keep noise under control but photos appeared soft and colors were off too the night mode needs over five seconds to take a shot but it does help with slightly better sharpness and more light in darker areas selfie shots taken in daylight were decent while those shot in low light appeared flat selfie portraits had good edge detection but it does take one to two seconds to capture a photo video recording tops out at 1080p for the primary as well as the selfie camera and this phone does not offer any form of stabilization daylight footage look average and the phone did manage to keep noise under control in low light the moto e40 did offer good battery life easily lasting beyond a day and a half with my usage the big 5000mah battery lasted 15 hours and 7 minutes in our hd video loop test while the battery life is good charging is slow the phone only got to 21 in 30 minutes and to about 41 in an hour with a 10 watt charger that comes in the box you will have to wait for over two hours to fill the battery up completely the moto e40 offers decent hardware for a casual user at this price it’s decent for basic multitasking but larger apps and games take longer to load while the near stock android experience might keep purists happy its camera performance won’t impress anyone if stock android appeals to you and you are on a tight budget then the moto e40 does make a strong case for itself however if you are here looking for alternatives the real me naso 30a and the infinix hot 11s are worthy alternatives so that was my review of the moto e40 what do you think about this smartphone do let me know that in the comment section down below and as always for all things tech stay tuned to [Music] you.

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