Realmi 8i Review: Powerful But Not Perfect

The redmi 8 I is the successor of the realme 7i this new smartphone has some marquee features like the 120hz refreshrate the mediatek helio g96 soc and a big 5000mah battery the starting price of 13 999 rupees puts it up against the most competitive segment in the market so is this the smartphone to pick or should you consider other options that’s what we’re here to find out hello everyone i’m aditya you’re watching rs360 and this is the full review of the realme 8i let’s begin [Music] the realme 8i is available in two variants the base variant with 4gb of ram and 64gb of storage is priced at 13 999 rupees in india whereas the higher variant with 6gb of ram and 128gb of storage is priced at 15999 rupees you have two color options to choose from space black and space purple we reviewed the top end variant in space purple the real me 8i sports a bigger display with a hole for the camera in the top left corner there’s a fingerprint scanner mounted on the power button on the right which I could easily reach while the volume buttons are to the left the left side houses the sim tray as well while the bottom looks busy with a 3.5 mm headphone jack primary microphone usb type-c port and a loudspeaker the build is plastic and the back is glossy and picks up fingerprints rather easily the camera module is in the upper left corner and protrudes slightly it might look like there’s a quad camera setup at first glance but this phone only has three cameras one of the spaces has a flash positioned in it realme has kept the thickness of this phone in check and it measures just 8.5 mm but the weight at 194 grams is noticeable the 6.6 inch lcd display is full hd plus in resolution with a 120 hertz refresh rate which is dynamic and switches between these six preset frame rates depending on what you are doing on the smartphone it also has a 180 hertz touch sampling rate and a peak brightness of 600 nits it got bright enough outdoors and offered two color modes vivid and gentle you can also tweak the color temperature of this panel powering the real me 8i is the mediatek helio g96 soc making it among the first smartphones to support this hardware in the country realme offers a virtual ram feature that allows this smartphone to use some storage space as ram you can assign up to 5 gb of virtual ram but it’s available only on the top variant the realme 8i did not feel slow at any point load times were acceptable and multitasking was easy the virtual ram feature is enabled and is set to 2gb by default but you do have the option to set it up to 3gb or even 5gb in terms of the speakers I found it to be adequate but at loud volumes this does sound a little shrill I did play bgmi on the realme 8i and it defaulted to the hd setting for graphics and high frame rate the game was playable at these settings without any issues I played for 28 minutes and noticed an eight percent drop in the battery level the phone did get slightly warm to the touch after that long in terms of software the real me 8i runs real me ui 2.0 on top of android 11. My unit had the september android security patch the smartphone comes with a fair amount of bloatware and you can uninstall them during use I did receive push notifications from themes and the realme store app the camera setup consists of a 50 megapixel samsung sensor with an f 1.8 aperture while the other two are a 2 megapixel black and white camera and a 2 megapixel macro camera the realme 8i uses pixel binning to deliver 12.5 megapixel output from its 50 megapixel sensor daylight photos taken with the real me 8i were average objects at a distance did not have much detail the phone also sharpens images slightly you don’t get an ultra wide angle camera on the real me a type but you can shoot at the full 50 megapixel resolution photos shot at full resolution did have better detail especially in objects that were at a distance close up shots taken with the rear me 8i were good this phone managed colors well and added a soft depth to the background you can shoot portraits with the real me a tie with background blur I found edge detection to be good and the subject was sharp as well the macro camera lets you go super close to your subject and does manage decent results but the output is limited to 2 megapixels in resolution low light camera performance was not the best the output did not have noise but it was low on detail darker areas weren’t captured properly using night mode helped improve details in the shadows images were brighter and objects appeared a little sharper selfie is taken with the redmi 8i in daylight as well as low light word descent portrait selfies had good separation between the subject and the background though beautification is on by default video recording tops out at 1080p for the primary as well as the selfie camera footage isn’t stabilized by default and shakes are visible there is an ultra steady mode but that doesn’t help stabilize footage to a great extent finally coming to the battery life I can say that the 5000mah battery lasted me about two days with my usage even in our hd video loop test the phone went on for 21 hours and 17 minutes this is better than some of the other smartphones in this price segment realme ships an 18 watt fast charger that got the battery to 30 in 30 minutes and 56 percent in an r the real me a ti has been launched in the super competitive sub 15 000 rupee segment in india and its main strength is performance its mediatek helio g96 soc and the 120 hertz display help deliver a smooth user experience battery life is good too but the bundle 18 watt charger feels inadequate especially when you have seen phones such as the real me r020 pro bundled with up to 65 watt chargers the real me 8i is not a perfect all-rounder the cameras fell short of my expectations now if you are someone who don’t really care about the photo and the video quality to that extent you can still consider the realney a-type however if you want an all-rounder at this price level you can consider the real me seven yes it is an older model but it’s also higher in real me’s hierarchy so that was my review of the realme 8i what do you think about this smartphone well do let me know that in the comment section down below and as always for all things tech stay tuned to [Music] you

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