Steps to Delete Your Location History Easily, Delete Your Location History from Google Maps

Do you also use Google Maps, if yes, then this article of ours today is especially for you people. The Google Maps app tracks your every move. The app also provides you with real-time traffic updates by storing data. User location is the most important of the data collected by Google. If you also want Google to automatically delete your location history, then today we will provide you information about this topic.

Google currently provides two options to delete location history. If you select the first option, Google will automatically delete the remaining history after keeping 3 months of history and 18 months of history in the second option. If you are curious to know how to delete location history automatically, then let us provide you detailed information on this topic.

These steps will work for you

1) First of all open the Google Maps app on your smartphone.
2) Click on the three dot menu icon appearing on the left side of the app.
3) Here you will get the option of Your Timeline, click on it.
4) After this your timeline will open, here you have to click on the three dot menu on the top right hand side.
5) After clicking on the three dot menu, here you will get the Settings and Privacy option.


6) Scroll down and go to Location Settings.
7) Here you will get Automatically Delete Location History option.
8) After clicking on this option, you will see three options. On selecting the first option, the history will not be deleted until you delete it manually, the second option will keep the data for 18 months and the third option will keep the data for 3 months.


9) After selecting any of the three options mentioned above, on your screen you will get information about the option which you have selected, below you will get the option to confirm and cancel.


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