Things You Need to Know Before Buying an Air Purifier

Following the onset of winter season and due to pollution people have already faced the season’s first smog episode you must be facing blood vision itchiness in the eyes throat allergies headaches breathing difficulties and much more reports suggested that air quality is 10 times worse than the acceptable levels banning stubble burning and other overall pollution factors can somewhat improve the air quality however the problem doesn’t only exist outside but inside too and that is why having an air purifier is a must now you must be thinking which one would be perfect for you let me help you with some of the must have features so that you could make the right choice instead of following the marketing high just look for the per square feet area your air purifier covers when running on its highest setting the more area it would cover the more convenient it is for you to install one in your house second and most important is cadr rating no need to be puzzled see adr rating just inform you about the amount of clean air coming out of your air purifier also if you live with a child look for a noiseless air purifier a standard decibel for an air purifier is 36 decibels and many such air purifiers are available in the market a genuine hepa filter is another important feature that an air purifier must have air purifier brands claims that these filters can remove up to 99.9 of airborne particles including bacteria smart air purifiers are easily available in the market these days which activate themselves whenever they detect pollutants a display showing air quality and uv lights to kill viruses built for people worried about covet wi-fi connectivity and smart phone apps like features are also available as an environmental data provider we’ve been using satellite data in email for over two years to monitor air pollution parameters very closely and have obviously found a very alarmingly high levels in india especially northern india now these pm particles actually very dangerous because by virtue of their size they can dynamically enter your bloodstream prompting a stroke heart attack etc now indoor air pollution is actually direct factor outdoor air pollution so given the situation if you have the means investing in an air purifier is recommended however it is a temporary solution that everyone does not have access to so to actually solve the problem of air pollution one has to tackle the source of these pollutants so crop burning energy sector transportation construction it’s very important to solve those problems because there’s no way to purify the air around you um those air purifiers that were supposed to be installed outdoors do not actually work because the volume of air outside is so large that they cannot be filtered by our device so yeah the do do invest in air purifier if you can however in the long run we have to keep uh tackling the source of the pollution there are a variety of premium products available in the market but you should definitely consider these features and make a smart choice I hope you found this video useful please subscribe to the channel for more such information you.

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