Use This Hack To Set Any Free Song As Your iPhone Ringtone!

[Music] if you are an iphone user then i’m sure you must be bored of listening to these default ringtones it’s so frustrating right everyone with an iphone has it but who wants to pay on itunes for a custom ringtone so in this video I will show you a simple trick to set any free song as your iphone ringtone [Music] so first let’s download the song for ringtone i’m going to the ncs website for some cool non-copyrighted audio you can download your songs from other websites also that provide copyright free songs so once you have downloaded the song of your choice and saved it on your iphone just go to the app store and install the garageband app now this is a slightly heavy app and it will take some time to download and once that’s done open the app and scroll from right to left to select the audio recorded option and tap ok on this prompt now go to this grid icon on the top left corner and you will get a blank timeline in front of you then disable this blue icon at the top just beside the recording option now it’s time to import your song go to the loop icon you will find three options at the top go to files and browse items from files app you will find all your downloaded songs right here so select the one that you want as you ringtone then hold and drag it on your timeline once that’s done you can listen to the audio and edit it from here now most of the songs are quite long so you can also choose the part that you want as your ringtone after that tap on the small plus icon at the top right corner and manually increase the bars to 30 with these arrows now we are doing this for the length of your ringtone as they normally play for 30 seconds then tap the arrow icon from the top to save and rename this project then tap and hold the project and select share there will be three options song ringtone and project choose the ringtone option you can also rename the ringtone before exporting it as the ringtone so once the audio is created finally you can use it as a custom ringtone by tapping the use sound as option and it’s done you have set a custom ringtone on your iphone so when you close the garageband app you will find your ringtone song under settings and sounds and haptics option so if you want to change your ringtone in future you can do it from here and here’s how my new custom ringtone sounds like do share this trick with others and try it out on your iphone you.

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