You can add a new member to the WhatsApp group even without storing the number, learn how

Facebook’s instant messaging app WhatsApp is a very popular smartphone app. WhatsApp is an app where you get many useful features such as voice and video chat and group chat etc. Most of the people know what is the process of creating a group on WhatsApp. Once the group is created, the group admin adds members or let’s say other people from their contact list. Before adding any person to the group, his number has to be saved in the phone, but today through this article, we will provide you information about that if a person’s number is not saved in your phone, then how can you group them. can be added to.

While adding any member to the group, if you do not want to save their number, then let us know that there is such a feature in WhatsApp, with the help of which this is possible. Invite link feature was added to the WhatsApp app, what is this feature and how does it work, let us now give you information about this topic.

Before following the steps mentioned below, it is important for you to know that the latest version of WhatsApp should be installed on your smartphone. Second, you must have group admin rights to create an invite link.

Follow these steps

1) First of all open WhatsApp app.
2) After that go to the WhatsApp group in which you want to add new member.
3) After going to the group, you have to click on the three dot menu on the upper right side.


4) Here you will get the option of Group Info, click on it.
5) After clicking on Group Info, you have to click on Invite via Link option.
6) As soon as you click on Invite via Link, you will get four options – Send Link via WhatsApp, Copy Link, Share Link and Revoke Link.


7) Share the link with the person you want to add to the group. After clicking on the link, you will see the option to join group and cancel.


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